Tips for Law Firms to Attract More Clients


SEO has become significantly crucial for all types of businesses, and your law firm is no different. If you want potential clients to find you, you should be as high in the search engine rankings as possible.

These 10 SEO tips for law firms will allow you to navigate the complex route to increasing your search engine ranking and boosting potential clients’ awareness of the services your law firm offers.

1 . Make your specialty a high priority.

If you happen to focus on criminal law but would like to manage a divorce case for your high-dollar clientele, it doesn’t pay to emphasize concerns regarding divorce proceedings on your website. On the other hand, if your attention is on family law, ranking for queries concerning traffic tickets will not allow you to bring in the traffic you will need for your business.

Just simply improving your SEO ranking is not enough. You should generate search traffic genuinely interested in the services you provide. By placing your time and energy into writing about the kind of cases you actually deal with on a regular basis, you’ll have the ability to bring in exactly the traffic you need.

2 . Discover the stages of the buyer’s journey.

As an attorney, you might have never taken the time to think about retail principles — however when it comes to your website, that kind of content is important.

When you know exactly the stages of the buyer journey ( link is external ), you can undoubtedly concentrate on content for each stage so regardless of where a prospective client is in the process of selecting an attorney, they will find the information they need on your website. Some examples :

  • Throughout the awareness stage, the client understands they have an issue a lawyer can assist them with. Within this stage, you should provide the information which will motivate them to use a lawyer rather than going the do-it-yourself route, whether or not it’s an individual thinking about divorce or an individual who has decided to fight a traffic ticket.
  • During the consideration stage, clients are exploring their options on attorneys. Clients desire to know what sets you apart from your competitors in the area — and you want to tell them.
  • During the decision stage, clients ought to be in touch with you to enable you to close the deal. At this point, you want to help them select your law firm once and for all.

3. Be familiar with your audience.

Whenever you’re creating content to improve your SEO, it’s not only about piling on the content as thick as possible and hoping for the best. You need to understand your target audience: both what they’re looking for and the kind of language they’re able to read.

In the event you work with a highly informed client base who may have an abundance of money to spare, you really can afford to utilize more jargon or to write a website article like you’d prepare a contract. Alternatively, if you’re working together with an under-educated population or routinely take on low-income cases, you are going to be better off simplifying your language to make sure your readers can follow what you’re expressing.

Bear in mind whenever you write for your website, you’re creating for your clients, not for other legal professionals. Use language they can recognize in your posts. Search engines will, with time, penalize you for visitors who quickly click away from your site because they can’t understand it.

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