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Start with a strategy

Your online platform could be your best performing – and most inexpensive – sales representative. However, it won’t just happen. It’s not simply about owning a website; most of your business competitors have websites too. It’s what you do with it that will surely set you aside from the rest. So, precisely what are your main goals and exactly how are you going to attain them? Set up key performance indicators ( KPIs ) and put tracking measures in place from day one.

Be visible

There’s no sense in spending time and money creating a web-based platform if not a single person is going to see it. Don’t let anyone advise you that Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) is dead. It’s not. SEO best practice may very well change, that’s true, however, if your platform isn’t showing properly to Search from a technical SEO point of view, it certainly will by no means make you money. In the event that your platform was developed years ago and your developer at the time informed you that your website would be completely optimized for Search, they would, I’m sure, have performed a first-rate job. Nevertheless, what worked five years ago will be very different to what’s regarded as best practice today.

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