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Court Records

Traffic Leads

Select your State, Town and even moving violation. Our system will automatically remove duplicate names, parking violations, and minor offenders. A list will be emailed to you every morning of names which have been entered into the court database within the last 24 hours.

Criminal Leads

Looking for more serious offenses? We pull indictables everyday and disorderly person offenses once per week. You can filter your list by State, Town, and violation. Do the mailings yourself, or we can handle them for you.

DUI Leads

Our DUI Leads are sent out every day for the State and Town you select. Stop sending out old letters to people that have already retained an attorney. Get in front of prospects first, get more clients.

Civil Filings

By automating the sync process from Shopify to QuickBooks, you ensure the data is 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Foreclosure Leads

Send a letter to a debtor seeking relief. With millions of people going into Bankruptcy each year, offering legal protection has never been so important. Select your State and Town and our system does the rest!

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